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Wellness Home

Technology, Health and Wellness, 

Location: Durham, CT

Class: Studio I


Client Profile:

The Dodd Family is a seemingly traditional family but with modern needs. This family of four consists of working parents and two kids ages 16 and 10. The home will be located in Durham, CT. It will have to be able to support the needs of at working from home, distance learning while also being a sanctuary for wellbeing.

Design Statement:

The Dodd Family, a family of four consisting of working parents and two kids ages 16 and 10, will need a home to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. Their new home located in rural Durham, Connecticut will include a large open concept floor plan carefully designed for social interaction, health, wellbeing, and entertainment. High contrast black finishes will play o! of unique antique furniture pieces. The entrance containing a proper area for sanitation will be available for use to anyone entering, the occupant will be greeted with a bright and open space, filled with sustainably sourced natural materials. A large, open concept kitchen designed for socializing will serve as the heart of the home. Having spcaes that encourage social interaction is shown to improve wellbeing. There will be plenty of natural light from windows and skylights. This is shown to boost happiness and productivity while reducing stress. Materials will be chosen carefully from natural and sustainably sources. Natural materials contain no chemicals and lead to cleaner air quailty. Each family member will be provided with a space that will fit their health, social, and lifestyle needs. A black, warm toned wood and white palette will be applied along with occasional pops of greenery, to reflect nature as closely as possible. All finishes are refined, neat, and polished, this includes appliances, cabinetry, and hardware.



Biophilic & Design Trend Research


Second Hand Furniture

With sustainability in the back of our minds all of the time, buying second hand has become more popular and a great source for finding unique pieces that add character to the home. Sites like First Dibs, Chairish have become increasingly popular for sourcing all things for the home. Antique furniture is usually better made and use higher quality materials. While buying vintage is a trend right now, it ironically leads to a trend proof home, with furniture that has lasted through the test of time. I am going to incorporate vintage furniture into my design to soften the space and create contrast of new and old. Below, I have used the Cesca chair from Marcel Breuer and a vintage Moroccan rug to make the space more unique and sentimental to the occupant.

Black Finishes

Black creates high contrast, clean, and bold design. It is an amazing background for anything that is put in front of it. I am planning on using black on kitchen backsplash as well as wall colors and some furniture. Black creates a sophisticated and moody feel, which is how I like to feel in certain areas of the house.

Natural Materials

Connecting the indoors to the experience of nature is a big component that I want my design to be based off of. Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors with large windows, doors, lighting, and nature elements. Biophilic design enhances our wellbeing, improves our productivity, mood and overall health. I want to incorporate biophilic design specifically into a meditation/ mindfulness room. I think it will elevate the intensity of mindfulness and the whole experience of wellness. There will be skylights, and floor to ceiling windows, so a view of nature is always in sight.


Relationship and Bubble Diagrams

Block Diagrams




Concept Sketches


Design Development

Design Development

Furniture Selections

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 9.30.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 9.30.09 PM.png

Final Presentation

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