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I grew up spending my summers on cape, running around the backyard of my grandparent’s cottage, barefoot, in wrinkled tee shirts. Family time was spent on the bayside at low tide, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on the back deck, going to the drive in, and eventually falling asleep with windows open, while pine tree and salt air mixed with cottage mildew envelops me.

My upbringing has shaped my senses, what the idea of home means to me. It has shaped my unique skillset of how I perceive a space and the human experience focused design development that must take place. There is so much more to me- I love oil painting, travel, disc golfing, and cooking meals for my family and friends. Sharing stories and experiences lead to genuine partnerships that shape authentic and functional design. I want to create an ethereal experience of home through the senses that shape the story we have to tell.

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